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Another nice command for ubiquity !!!

Well the verb = command is called dictionary and it can handle selection or just typed text and will translate it to language specified from the language specified. Well almost the way like built in translate command works. You can ask then why do we need another one ??

Well the thing is that google translate is pretty nice with translation of the text, while it sucks if you want to translation just a one word. You will fill it even more if the word is technical or scientific one. In that case ordinary dictionaries are much better like lingvo, stardict etc.. They also suggest several options again unlike google. At least my sweet angel had this problem so I have decided to make this verb for her.

The second reason is as I am a Georgian and google translate not (hopefully yet) support that language it makes sense to me, to have a Georgian ➥ English, English ➥ Georgian dictionaries. There’s really nice Georgian web resource which is an online dictionary with a nice API.

Because of all this reasons I decided to create this verb. Unfortunately API of and were very different and I had to implement two different approaches and switch between them depending on language of text to be translated from / to. It even get worth cause unlike returns whole html page with bunch of garbage that needs to be filtered :(

Anyway command is ready for use. Probably there still are some issues, and a room for improvements, but still it’s works so please give it a try and post some me some feedback!!

Some Tips

By the default verb translates from english to georgian, but it’s possible to change default. (for example to make it from french to russian). If you need to do so just navigate to [about:config][about:config] and add two new preferences.

Perform right click ➥ choose New ➥ String in the popup ➥ add

Preference name : ubiquity.commands.Dictionary.from value : (can be any from ) georgian, english, russian, german, french, italian, spanish

Then almost the same same

Preference name : ubiquity.commands.Dictionary. to value : (can be any from ) georgian, english, russian, german, french, italian, spanish

P.S.: Keep in mind that currently you can translate from georgian to english and other way round or from russian to any from the ones mentioned above and other way round.

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