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As it was announced on a Bespin blog recently, plugin development got a lot easier and it’s really so. Today I am happy to share a gist plugin I’ve developed. It allows users to list / create / open gists, all from the editor. Enough with a words!! It’s always better to see, so I’ve put together a screencast, that demos some of the plugin features. It’s my debut BTW, so please be gentle with a feedback.


Hope you’re inspired now and will give it a try!! My favorite part about plugin is that it’s only JavaScript without any backend dependency. It means that it’s possible to bundle plugin with an embedded version of Bespin and I hope this will encourage third parties to do some crazy stuff with it!! Anyway, give it a try and post me a feedback!!

###Technical details###

Plugin is basically adapter of my CommonJS based github library that provides access to a Github API’s. I’m not going to go into details, since there will be another, dedicated post about it. I will mention though, that library relays on YQL & cross-origin resource sharing on browser. Unfortunately there is an issue on YQL side that makes it impossible to use HTTP POST with Firefox. This means that gist size is limited, but only on Firefox and temporary, cause YQL folks are super fast, and are planning to get a fix into next release.

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