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Finally I manage to take my hands off the keyboard, in order to stop coding and to blog about that instead. Yes I know what are you thinking, I should try to get a life instead :)

Recently I got a fare remark, that my posts are usually too long to keep reader interested, so I will try to keep them shorter from now on!!

What do you do, when one day you find out that Mozilla has new experiment, project concurring with your pat project ?

  • You get really upset. How much it’s absolutely proportional on time you have spend on it.
  • You realize that you have no chance to compete !!
  • You are deleting your project
  • Finally you realize that you don’t have to compete as it’s a chance to realize you’re dream faster!! you can just contribute !!
  • You still think that name “Jedi Workshop” was so much cooler :P

So after I went through all this steps above, I have decided to start learning internals of bespin, there for I started porting bespin backend to pure JavaScript. I have chosen helma-ng for that. Choice was based on my past experience with helma 1.x and on a good feedback for NG from people I trust. Besides in NG we have much more JavaScript then Java, unlike it was back in helma 1.x. Apparently I have underestimated the speed and amount of work to be done. Basically I have ported part of the python code, but most of the time I ended up just applying changes from the last commits to already ported code instead of porting more of it. (Lack of free time on the one hand and the lightning speed of the bespin team on the other hand :). So if someone feels self like want’s to jump in, feel free to fork bespin-helma-backend and annoy me with a questions, you are more then welcome!!

Thanks to Kevin Dangoor who kicked out ServerJS group, cause it seems that soon we’ll be able to write a webapp for helma / any other server side javascript environment with ability to deploy it on a completely different environment which implementing standard web JSGI interface. That also means that bespin backend port will be nicely deployable among variety of Server JS environments.

That’s it!! Was short as promised :) I’ll post more details & some of cool ideas regarding bespin in future posts so stay tuned!!

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