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oh my zsh

I have been thinking about switching to the zsh shell for some time, mainly because I was missing vim environment in the console. About a month ago I’ve decided to switch. Quickly enough I got tired of tweaking my .zshrc, I was about to give up when I discovered very nice project called oh my zsh.

A community-driven framework for managing zsh configuration proved to be very nice. At the end of the day I ended up with a new theme and improved git plugin.


As you can see there is bunch of small icons on the right side that’s a visualisation of the git working tree:

✭  Displayed if there are modifications.  
✈  Displayed if there are staged changes.  
✗  Displayed if there are deleted files.  
➦  Displayed if there are moved files.  
⚑  Displayed if there are untracked files.  
⚡  Displayed if there is a merge conflict.  

Hope you’re excited and considering to try out zsh. If that’s a case I’ll definitely recommend to try out oh my zsh. There is already made pull request with my new theme gozilla and get plugin improvements. If you cant wait you can pull changes directly form my fork.

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